Pantum – The New Era of Printing
Printing Should be “SIMPLE”
“In just a few years, we have experienced remarkable growth. I honestly believe that we have the potential to be a leading international Chinese printer brand. The way forward for us is to continuously seek the best practices, maximize our contributions through high-quality products, while constantly contributing to our society.” –  Mr. Jackson Wang, CEO, Pantum International Limited
Global Printer Market Scale
“6% of Market Share” – Pantum
and others.
In the global market, a dozen brands of various sizes are fighting for the share of A4& mono laser printer market. However, only a few large companies such as Hewlett- Packard, Lexmark, Canon, Brother and Samsung really master the core design and manufacturing technology as the structure of laser printer is very complicated, involving machinery, electronics, software, materials and many other areas. Therefore, small companies are hard to have the capability and big companies are difficult to enter this market.
Wide product range
Currently marketed and distributed in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Europe, Middle East, South Africa…
Develops, manufactures and sells laser printers and toner cartridges that are made in China. Its Pantum branded laser printers have advanced core technologies and have comprehensive self-developed patent teams. Pantum is a new brand that has shown significant progress in the printing industry and market penetration around the world in a very short period of time. Pantum sales branch companies and service centres have been set up in China, USA and Europe.