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Brother DR-150CL

$1,365 $1,297
Support Models: Drum for HL4040CN, HL4050CDN, MFC9440CN, MFC9450CDN, MFC9840CDW, DCP9040CN, DCP9042CDN, MFC9450CDN

Brother DR-200

$1,365 $1,297
Support Models: FAX2650, FAX2750, MFC4600, MFC6550, MFC6650MC

Brother DR-2025

$790 $751
Support Models: HL2030, HL2040, HL2070N, DCP7010, FAX2820, MFC7220, MFC7420, MFC7820N

Brother DR-2125

$756 $718
Support Models: HL2140, HL2150N, HL2170W, DCP7030, DCP7040, MFC7340, MFC7450, MFC7840N

Brother DR-2255

$649 $617
Support Models: HL2130DN (only for Recycle Toner) ,HL2240D, HL2250DN, HL2270DW, DCP7060D, DCP7055(only for Recycle Toner), MFC7360DW, MFC7470DW, MFC7860DW, Fax2840

Brother DR-2355

$654 $621
Support Models: HLL2320D, HLL2360DN, HLL2365DW, DCPL2520D, DCPL2540DW MFCL2300D, MFCL2300DW, MFCL2340DW, MFCL2700DW, MFCL2740DW

Brother DR-240CL

$1,155 $1,097
Support Models: DCP9010CN, HL3040CN, HL3070CW, MFC9120CN, MFC9320CW

Brother DR-2455

$525 $499
Support Models: HLL2375DW, DCPL2550DW, MFCL2715DW, MFCL2750DW, MFCL2751dw

Brother DR-261CL

$987 $938
Support Models: HL3150CDN, HL3170CDW, MFC9140CDN, MFC9330CDW

Brother DR-263CL

$850 $808
Suitable Machine: HLL3270CDW, DCPL3551CDW, MFCL3750CDW, MFCL3770CDW

Brother DR-3000

$1,213 $1,152
Support Models: HL5140, HL5150D, HL5170DN, MFC8220, MFC8840D

Brother DR-3115

$1,344 $1,277
Support Models: HL5240, HL5250DN, HL5270DN, MFC8460D, MFC8860DN

(1) A wide-format inkjet printer. The paper is taped onto a drum for precise alignment to the nozzles.
(2) An old line printer technology that used formed character images around a cylindrical drum as its printing mechanism. When the desired character for the selected position rotated around to the hammer line, the hammer hit the paper from behind and pushed it into the ribbon and onto the character.