Services are subject to terms and conditions:

1. We will contact you after receiving your information;
2. Our service personnel will come to your door to install hardware and software, including the following services (if applicable):

– Unpack the printer and connect it to the power supply;
– The printer is connected to a wired or wireless network;
– Install printer drivers and related software on the computer;
– Enable the printer’s SMTP authentication to test scan to email. *Customers need to provide SMTP information by themselves.
– Test the basic operation of the printer.

3. Door-to-door installation period: Monday to Friday (1 pm-6 pm) *A surcharge of $500 will be added for other hours.
4. Installation equipment: limited to one device (computer/mobile phone/tablet); starting from the second device, each is $200.

*Additional charges apply in remote areas, please contact us for details.