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Dot Matrix Printers

Our range of high-quality Dot Matrix Printers is designed to provide sharper text production. Available in 9-pin and 24-pin configurations, these machines offer quicker printing speeds due to their large print heads; making them perfect for businesses needing a robust and productive printer within demanding environments.

What is a Dot Matrix Printer?

Laser printers, dot matrix printers prints using impact technology. They work by the machine running back and forth or up and down on a sheet of paper, rubbing an ink-soaked piece of material against the surface.

Much like the mechanism used on a print typewriter, this kind of computer printing requires the printer to draw out letters. This enables the use of varied fonts and arbitrary graphics; making them ideal printing machines for businesses that are looking for a printer to take care of their visual graphics.

Eco-Friendly Dot Matrix Printers

Because the printing involves mechanical pressure,  printers can create carbon copies and carbonless copies; unlike non-impact printers. Their printing costs are also significantly lower as maintenance isn’t often required.

Printers are ideal for printing multi-part pages, making them perfect for data logging. Their consumable life is usually far greater than laser or inkjet printers and prints generally tend to fade rather than coming to a complete stop, as happens at the end of an ink or toner cartridge.

Printers are extremely reliable and are preferred when the reliability of printing is more important than the quality of the print output.