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Don’t buy blind. Three things you have to know before buying a second-hand laser printer!

Notes for buying second-hand laser printer

Building a business is costly, and initial equipment costs you a lot. Many small and medium-sized enterprises buy second-hand laser printers to control operating costs. However, if you have inadequate knowledge of laser printers, don’t buy them online! Any kind of printer is consumable and deteriorates over time, and some hidden problems are hard to reveal and invisible to amateurs.


Check out the below three tips to become an intelligent buyer!!

1. Be aware of the toner's price.

When buying a second-hand printer, for some, economics takes precedence over functionality or style. So you must be very careful to select your second-hand laser printer with the 'cheapest compatible consumables.' For some printer models, a set of consumables would be a few times more expensive than your printer. Usually, entry-level laser printers have a lower capacity in the toner cartridge designed for SMEs, and high-end ones have a relatively high capacity in the toner cartridge that helps enterprises to reduce the operational cost.

2. Check the used printer in person.

First, make sure your favorite second-hand printer is normally functioning by continuous printing. Print dozens of papers to see if there is any overheating, paper jams, abnormal smells, or noise, and then see the performance, like printing speed, accuracy, and word clarity. Next step, examine the functions by testing Copy, Fax, Scan, and Wi-Fi connection. Lastly, check the expiry of the warranty, whether it is an authorized or a parallel import.

3. Don't buy only concerning the appearance or brand

A second-hand printer with visible damage or stain always implies a worse condition or has been used for a long time. Meanwhile, a brand-new printer may be, in fact, a refurbished or overhauled one, especially a high-end model. Remember to check the refurbished printers whether being reviewed by the company and fixed. If it does, you will often get a warranty, and you can be relatively sure that there will be no significant problems with it shortly.

Enterprises with an inadequate budget can consider buying a second-hand laser printer as an environment-friendly choice. For those who demand a better laser printer for their work needs, a brand-new one must be your best to enhance the company’s productivity. Have no ideas? Please look at the article below to find out what fits you most, or talk to our experts for the latest printer information.

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